Stephanie Strasburg is a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Maryann Fisher, left, blocks the photographer’s camera as her husband, former Mennonite pastor David Fisher, leaves the Huntingdon County Courthouse after pleading no contest to a felony charge of endangering the welfare of a child in failure to report sexual abuse in Huntingdon, Pa. Echoes of abuse coverups ring throughout Plain churches across the country in a culture that has historically emphasized a separation from the outside world.
Diners look on as protesters briefly occupy the restaurant The Porch a day after former East Pittsburgh police Officer Michael Rosfeld was found not guilty in the fatal shooting of Antwon Rose II, on Saturday, March 23, 2019, in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood. Protests continued from the night before as people called for “Justice for Antwon.”
Matthew Young, left, 8, and his brother Noah Harrison, 6, look from Jerome Street Bridge on to the site of a train derailment in their neighborhood on Sunday, June 8, 2014, in their town of McKeesport, Pa.
Steam rises from the stacks at U.S. Steel’s Edgar Thomson Works beyond a snowy line of houses in Braddock, Pa.
McKeesport Black Beret stepper Nizhae with her pet ferret outside her home in McKeesport, Pa.
Recovery director of the ARK Allegheny Recover Krew Gus DiRenna leads a prayer before starting an afternoon of work in the former drug house that he is turning into a home for people in recovery in Pittsburgh’s Carrick neighborhood.
Kim Bowles at her Pittsburgh, Pa. home. Ms. Bowles wanted to go flat after a mastectomy, but she says her doctor didn’t listen.
Waiting at the laundromat in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield neighborhood.
Girls sing Frozen’s “Let it Go” as they drive around in a pink stretch limo during Sweet and Sassy’s lights and limo event on Dec. 29, 2016, in Bethel Park, Pa. Pictured left to right are Mackenzie Downey, 5, of McCandless, Lyla Ostrowski, 8, Alyssa Lips, 7, and Julia Tengowski, 7, all of Peters Township, and Bella Trout, 9, of McCandless.
T.J. Ashbaugh, 26, fastens the hair of his stepdaughter Emily, 3, as he puts her to bed at their home in North Vandergrift, Pa. Above on the top bunk, his eight-year-old daughter Keeley talks to them as she waits her turn.
The bingo tables at Guyasuta Days, Sharpsburg, Pa.
Deer hang in a freezer in line for the butcher’s block at Rome’s Meat and Deli in Butler, Pa. Rome’s is one of a handful of processors across the state that are processing sites for the organization Hunters Sharing the Harvest, which delivers an average of 100,000 pounds of venison to Pennsylvania food banks, soup kitchens, and pantries.
Models represented by Pittsburgh Video Vixens pose for a video shot outside Highmark Stadium before modeling in the Pittsburgh Fashion Week Designer Showcase in Pittsburgh.
From left, Jerry Robinson, 10, blocks Brandon Turner, 4, while Shalen Burton, 8, chases after as they play football in the streets of their neighborhood of McKees Rocks, Pa.
Lights illuminate skates for sale in the pro-room window as people make their way around the floor at Neville Roller Drome on Neville Island, Pa. “We were kind of territorial of this place as kids,” said Melissa Scalise, 38, of Freedom, who grew up in the on Neville Island and came often to the rink. “‘The Island Kids,’ they called us… Now we’re bringing our kids.”
Micah Jeffries, 19, dances during the “Mystical Magical Mardi Gras” celebration marking the end of a school year at Don’t Worry Child Care Center in McKeesport, Pa.
Artist Sigh Melting Star reflected in one of his mixed media pieces in his shared Pittsburgh studio.
A crowd gathers at the Healthy Village Learning Institute in the former St. Pius School in McKeesport, Pa. The center offers non-violence training and programs ranging from manhood and womanhood development to health and wellness workshops to leadership, job, and entrepreneurial skills.
Farmer Barry Highberger walks along the path of an interstate shale pipeline that runs through his farm in Sewickley Township, Pa. Berger and his neighbors in Sewickley fought to stop Sunoco Logistics Partners LP from buying rights of way on their land or using eminent domain to take them, citing frustration from other pipeline projects that are still scarring their land, concerns over private property rights and value, and safety risks.
Alicia Airs, 40, a long-time sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, at her house in Youngstown, Ohio. Airs had an adverse reaction to the new RA drug Actemra she is trying to manage her symptoms, which caused her heart to race and other side effects.
Justin Sevacko, Jr., 2, of Imperial, stands with his aunt’s 6-week-old puppy, Ace, as they hang out in McKees Rocks, Pa.
Emily Kuzma stands with her rental skates by the skate room window at Neville Roller Drome on Neville Island on Sunday, April 24, 2016. “We’re trying to rebuild the skate community here in Pittsburgh,” said rink owner/operator Jim Park, who now owns the rink where his father first took him to learn to skate as a six-year-old.
Freshman Noah Hamlin and sophomore Harrison Dreher rest on air mattresses in the stadium locker rooms before the Clairton Bears’ Friday night game in Clairton, Pa. The Clairton Bears have evolved into a brilliant symbol for struggling town that is home to above-average poverty and crime rates in the wake of the collapse of the steel industry.
Actors wait in the wings during the dress rehearsal for Pittsburgh Musical Theater’s production of “Disney’s The Little Mermaid” at the Byham Theater in downtown Pittsburgh.